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Women's House This year, too, our journey has ended, we danced our fragility, ou

 Women's House

This year, too, our journey has ended, we danced our fragility, our fears, our certainties, our strengths through passionate moments of sharing and poetry dances, thanking you all for the beautiful journey we wish you a Summer Full of serenity, joy and love, with the immense pleasure of meeting us all in September for a new and exciting journey.

Special thanks go to all the teachers who throughout the year have been with us with their commitment and enthusiasm, THANK YOU!


Segretaría: Ass.Cult. SYN-Arci Tel 049-8979333 -. Cell. 340-4776462; assocsyn@tin.it ; www.biodanzasyn.it

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From Thursday 6 to Sunday, July 9, 2017
conducted by Sandra Salmaso and Birgit Mutze
Biodanza and Neosciamanesimo is a journey to awaken the shaman who lives in us. to rediscover the deep bond with nature and through this with the Life becoming aware of owning poteredella re-connection and always find the strength, inner freedom, balance and humility for agirenel healthiest way service to the earth and humanity. We will get in contact with nature and its elements to enhance the resources and learn the alchemy of transformation, thanking the ancestors, plants and animals, regarded as teachers and guides, find and increase inner strength and intuition that sustains us and guidance in Life!

Shamanism is harmony in the womb of the earth, healing ability, willingness to give love, creative spirit, connection with nature, change in thinking, perception of the essence of life and reality.

Fanes, the place chosen for its outstanding natural Harmony for a meeting between Biodanzanti from different countries (Germania.Italia) integhrati beyond languages and different cultures in the magic of Biodanza!

Refuge Quote:

  • Quadruple room with shower / shared bathroom Euro 120,00
  • Double room with shower / shared bathroom Euro 135,00
  • Double room with shower / shared bathroom Euro 171,00

LE REFUGE of QUOTE include breakfast and overnight. For lunches and dinners each one will order what they want: packed lunch and dinner menus, mangeremocon a reserved table

LIMITED SEATS, discounted registration is open until March 15th!
for info: Ass. Culturale SYN 049-8979333 347-6965949 Sandra Salmaso sandra.salmaso@biodanza.it
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BIOVacanza August 2017 JOY VIVA holistic BioVacanza for Global Wellness August

BIOVacanza August 2017
"JOY VIVA" holistic BioVacanza for Global Wellness
August 2017
Sunday 20, d n Sunday August 27, 2017
Sandra Salmaso and Nino Calabrese
Joy of life

"Wherever we are, at any time, we can enjoy the sunshine, the company of others, the sensation of the breath. We need not go to China to enjoy the blue sky, we must not travel in the future to enjoy our breathing. We can be in touch with everything here and now. "By Thich Nhat Hanh

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BIODANZA STAGE FOR COUPLES Easter together in 2017 The Garden of Earthly Delight


Easter together in 2017

The Garden of Earthly Delights
with Biodanza and massage emotional / sensual Biointegrante
April 15 to 17 2017
c / o Farm "laburnum" contrà Proveste 1- San Rocco Tretto (VI)
Saturday arrival and departure by 15:00 17:00 of Monday
With Sandra Salmaso and Nino Calabrese

Create new poetry in the report. Awareness, emotions, and the ability to communicate from the heart. In this workshop we keep love alive and strengthens the motivation of being together. Loving is an art and requires you to dedicate yourself to relazioone to make room for the mystery that you have found each other again and again in everyday life. Massage is introduced by suitable exercises and emotional reciprocity.

For info: ass. Cultural syn Nini Calabrese 340-4776462 335-5207413 349-6965949 nino.calabrese@biodanza.it Sandra Salmaso sandra.salmaso@biodanza.it

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Special Stage of Biodanza open to all The ESTEEM AND MOMENTS

 Special Stage of Biodanza - open to all -
The ESTEEM AND MOMENTS structuring
25-26 February 2017
c / o Sala Vivivita / Syn, Via Chiesanuova 242 / b, PADUA
A new look on emotional relationships
with Myrthes Gonzalez psychologist and director of the School of Biodanza R. Toro Porto Alegre - Office Frater (Brazil)
When we live something with intensity, they deepen feelings and emotions that also involve our physiological structure. These fundamental experiences can persist for a lifetime. An experience that is violent or unpleasant remains as a destructive and long-term footprint can represent strong deficiencies for our Identity healthy. While the moments when we feel loved, valued, supported and full they are the basis of a Self-Esteem and Self positive image. All people as they lived suffering in the past, for the simple fact that they reach adulthood, they have lived moments of well-being in relation to themselves and to others: in some moments we were regarded with deep, embraced with love and hearing words absolutely sincere and emotional. However many times we forget consciously structuring of these moments
of our identity, emotional moments that keep us from drifting, and when we encounter the lack of love, loss and the disqualification is important ricordarceli.
This work seeks to foster in each participant's ransom structuring moments of its existence. It brings to light some aspects of life that were forgotten when we took a script from victims of our past. It 'an invitation to change the focus of our history, taking a polished and confident posture towards a full and happy future.
For info:   Ass.Cult. SYN-Arci - tel. 049 8979333; cell. 340 4776462 - e-mail: assocsyn@tin.it
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